(120 min ea NOT EDITED - 15
€ ea or 25€ for both )

Millions of people do certain exercises and stretches in the full belief that what they are doing is healthy or will grant them certain abilities, when actually the exercises do the precise opposite.

This workshop series is beginning level information on joint centration and how to use it to modify or completely stop doing things that make you worse at moving and responding to life's complexities.

Replacing hip-wrecking and lower-back wrecking stretches and "core strengtheners" with a short sequence of movements.

Modifying backbends, sun salutations, plow/candle poses, and lifting heavy objects.

15€ ea or 25€ for both

(120 min ea,- 
20€ ea or 45€ for all 3 )

Choice is the practical evidence of freedom of movement. The more choice we have, the freer. DISCIPLINE is what gives us choices. Discipline is the pretext for FREEDOM of MOVEMENT. 

This 3-class series is designed to begin or continue your journey towards your freedom by covering some important Axis Syllabus fundamentals.  

The first step is to understand what joint alignment is. This episode provides a compact explanation of DYNAMIC POSTURE and recaps fundamental dynamic alignment principles, offering a basic movement practice to work into your personal routine. 

The second step is to align the joints as we move. This episode in the EF series teaches  how to safely arrive on and return from the floor. Falling and recovering with grace is essential to building the confidence to expand movement options.

The third step we take towards freedom is to apply this knowledge to dynamic movements, such as jumping.This episode teaches you how to organize your back, legs and arms to create and use momentum and kinetic energy to propel yourself into the air.

20€ ea or 45€ for all 3
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A suggestive study, adoption and celebration of some movement patterns we can benefit from or share with other animals.

45 € for all 4

Replace ineffective hip and leg stretches with a short sequence. Stretch muscles not ligaments for healthy flexibility.

The December series cuts to the chase about what kinds of stretching may be beneficial and how reiteration rather than replication is the stuff we are made of!

1 & 2 Dynamic Stretching

3 & 4 Ethical Rhythm and Resonance

40 € for all 4

Here is the September Series of three instructive, revitalizing and informative classes taught by Frey Faust, with extra support images edited in and the extraneous edited out for a streamlined class experience.

1. Basically, Breathing

2. Gentle Strength

3. Dancing Prayer

45 € for all 3

In this class, I open a discussion on two controversial topics: the lactic acid myth, terrain theory and ph balance. I also inform people of a critical fact about the way muscles respond to strain that can prevent many common injuries.

Your toes are steering wheels of your feet. The should be alert and ready for everything you want to undertake. One among several excellent ways to start your day, prepare for an intense workout, warm up for a performance or dance party.

Among all the nonsense taught in movement classes the world over hips and hip joints are the focus of some of the worst, most misinformed treatment, causing accidents and chronic pain and often leading to surgery. Find out here how you can avoid this unpleasantness.

Awareness is priority for anyone trying to move better, avoid or heal from injury, in other words anyone seeking to harmonize intention and action. In this class I will lead you on a meditative journey into discreet internal sensations and facilitate an inquest into appropriate, intelligent, adaptive actions and reactions.

Knowledge of others resolves fear, anger and intolerance, engendering respect. What works in our relationships with others works with our own bodies as well. When we know how we are made, we can now choose wether to respect them or not and if not, to understand the consequences. Join me here for a respectful, playful training and jam using subtle directional tactics for orientation and awareness enhancement.

Contrary to popular belief, our center of gravity is not fixed. To move as if it was causes injury and postural errors.

How do we know where it is in each circumstance? This video provides you with the tools to sense where your center of gravity might be in a range of common postures and movements.

Muscles can work eccentrically, concentrically and isometrical. They contribute energy and stability when they are stretched and when they recoil elastically. When we want to strengthen and prepare for complex movements such as housework, walking and dancing, the best return for your time and effort is eccentric training. This video is for you if you want to understand and use the various ways your muscles interact or react to your advantage. 

Do you want to spin like a top?

This class will teach you how!

Do you want to balance on your hands?

This class will teach you how!

Lose the fear of inversion!

Eccentric use of the muscles gives you the most return for the least effort. Quicker reinforcement response. Better coordination for navigating the environment. Less strain. This class is an eccentric muscle use intensive and includes work on SHOULDER LIMITATIONS and anatomy.

This class turns the focus on breathing and coordinating somatic posture aligned movements to allow maximal circulation and ease of breath.

10 € ea or 80€ for all 10