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The Axis Syllabus Research Meshwork's mission is an anti-authoritarian, humanitarian effort to bring fundamental knowledge about the body to everyone, to decentralise expertise, empowering each to be proactive in the defence of their own health. Our mission transcends petty prejudices, whether biological, ideological or political.

As a member you declare your intent to represent the ASRM, which includes upholding our humanitarian initiative, applying our consent and non-imposition ethic as well as contributing to the research and editing process going into The Axis Syllabus©.  

Your weight, skin colour, ethnicity, economic class, political party, religion, gender, sexual orientation or medical status is irrelevant to The The Axis Syllabus© mission to transmit useful, life-quality enhancing information.  Teachers of The The Axis Syllabus© share the ethic to propose rather than impose, in the full awareness that the participant is sovereign. 

You do not have to be a teacher of The Axis Syllabus© to share it.

As long as you engage in respectful discourse and do not call yourself an AS teacher, you may use the information compiled in The Axis Syllabus© as you see fit.

If you want to officially represent and participate in this mission, consult this page for the process.
ASRM hubs around the world are listed 

If you want to represent the ASRM, like the certified teachers listed below, you will want to become a candidate for certification through our mentorship process.

Your membership in the ASRM is without cost, although donations for forum maintenance are welcome.

Contact the AS certified teacher of your choice to set up your mentorship process.
Certification to represent the ASRM is given to those who:
  • Understand and uphold the ASRM mission
  • Are fluent in the content and pedagogical application of The AS 
  • Have acquired excellent movement skills
  • Add research to the AS data base
  • Organize AS events
  • Mentor students and candidates for certification
  • To become a candidate, you need three recommendations from three certified teachers. Send all three letters to:
  • To become certified, you need three recommendations from three certifying teachers. Send all three letters to:


Natassa Konstantinidou
Will Freitas
Sarah Vaz
Rachel Coelho
Arnaud Agbogliabo
Aruna Guindo
Rosemary Hannon
René Soulier Smith
Maryse Damecour

Jen Hong
Karola Luttringhaus

Kyra Rice
Gali Kinkulkin
Adriana Cubides
Konstantinos Katsamakis 

Emanuela Vitale
Michelle Nayeli Bouvier
Daniel de Luca
Yana Novorova
Monia Marini
Minna Harri
Faedra Charalampidou
Sachiko Fullita
Loic Deschamps

Monika Schuberth

Claudia Adrangna

Alessandra Marzo

Zuzanna Bukowski

Emmanuelle Affergan

Yulia Voronovskaya 

Carolina Marin 

Valentina della Ratta

Dagmar Bock

Erin Godfrey

Hana Rakhshani
Aaron Birk

Aaron Cantor

Since you are either representing The Axis Syllabus©, or intending to, we assume that you want to stay up to date with changes to system changes to the terminology or scientific updates to anatomical references. But maybe you don’t know how, or where to go to find out what is going on, how to get involved in the discussion, or how to contribute to the review and editing process.

Therefore, we would like to inform you about the bimonthly AS journal that we have been producing since January of 2022, where relevant topics to our work are discussed and changes to the system are proposed. 


Please follow this LINK to acquire the previous editions, and subscribe to future ones. As always you are fervently invited to propose an article for this publication. Simply contact us at:

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