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Frey hasn't set dates for his next Tues/Thurs 6pm CET online series yet, but we will announce via email. In the meantime, CLASS RECORDINGS are available for purchase.


Axis Syllabus series 

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November 30 to December 5

Ostuni | Luna nel Pozzo

Teachers: Francesca Pedullá, Nuvola Vandini, Barış Mıhçı, Frey Faust


see info on the AS series


►April 22-26
Axis Syllabus Teacher's Laboratory 
"We are all teaching all the time"
Teachers: Francesca, Frey, Barış

►May 21 -26
"The Articular Fusion" - joint mechanics - details and function of major articular structures

►June 21-26
AS intensive
"Learning by heart" - process, translation and integration of information
Kerwin Barrington and resident Axis Syllabus teachers

►July 16-17 
AS intensive
"Time out" - review/vision of movement ideas and trainings

► JULY 19-23
Morning Trainings  - get it - keep it

►September 9-14 
Environmental frequencies - creative lab and shoe making
Francesca, Frey, Barış

Winter Dance Festival Berlin
January 27th to 30th

workshop with Frey Faust

Axis Syllabus Intensive in Ulm, Germany

with Frey Faust

January 12 to 16

Akademie für darstellende Kunst/Akademietheater

Eberhard-Finckh-Straße 5

89077 Ulm

Tel.: +49 157 559 455 86


Axis Syllabus Intensive in BASEL, SWITZERLAND

with Frey Faust

January 21 to 23


Axis Syllabus Intensive in BERLIN, GERMANY

with Frey Faust

February 1 to 6

info/registration: (details to come)

Axis Syllabus Intensive in the UKRAINE

with Frey Faust

March 18 to 23

info/registration: (details to come)

Axis Syllabus in Vienna, Austria
at the IMPULSTANZ festival 

March 18 to 23


MARSEILLES Axis Syllabus Workshop

Teachers: Francesca Pedullá, Frey Faust

November (stay tuned for precise dates)

Le Grenier du Corps



 Stay Tuned for the Springtime/Summer return of 

Axis Syllabus in the Morning

IN PERSON at the WAYFARER'S ROOT - Apuglia, Italy

Teachers: Francesca Pedullá, Barış Mıhçı, Frey Faust

WED, THUR at 9:30 AM 

Whatsapp Group: 0049 176 87134519