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Our aim is to collect, transmit or render accessible essential, life-enhancing information to humanity. As teachers, by explaining the reasons for elected skill building strategies and health supportive approaches, we aim to render our students autonomous and empowered. 

Rather than impose restrictions, specific training protocols, particular dance or life styles, health solutions or diets, we propose alternatives for comparison. We recognize that each might have to find their own strategies, and respect individual prerogative.

Unless a member is behaving illegally, we do not censor or ban differing points of view. We allow for and discuss them. 

We do not indulge bigoted prejudgments that ascribe a particular intelligence level, character or ability to people on the basis of their biology, their religious, political or sexual orientation. We address the person's identity, which we hold is perhaps influenced by the above, but is decidedly an ongoing personal and cultural project.

We hold that the scientific method is the fundamental instrument; a critical, evaluative process that supports a path towards a common information resource that is relevant, useful and true.

drawing: T. Southwell / Frey Faust

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