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About Frey Faust

Frey Portrait Coimbra Tomas .JPG

photo: Tomas Tello

Born with a fractured skull and a brain injury from the use of forceps during his birth, Frey's early life presented many challenges. Throughout his childhood and young adult years, he suffered from chronic illness and physical abuse. Frey found that somatic and movement education dramatically improved his life, reversing much of the trauma that most might think was irreversible. 


Studying dance intensively as a young adult who was learning technique later than many others, he suffered many injuries and learned that a surprising number them were common to the trade. He undertook an independent study of anatomy, physics, and biomechanics and learned that many of the ways he had been taught to move work against the body's design and were damaging him.

He has not only danced professionally for over 40 years but he still moves like a child at a graceful, playful 62 years old. He teaches use and care of the body that creates a longevity for dancers and athletes that is extremely uncommon because it invites the student to actively guide their learning process, honor their body's uniqueness, and avoid authoritarian dogma.


He created The Axis Syllabus© book and the Axis Syllabus Research Meshwork to share the principles of sovereign, self-respecting ways of being. Frey is passionate about health freedom and our right to choose what happens to our bodies. He currently lives in Puglia, Italy.

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