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Pre-ORDER your copy of: The Axis Syllabus Notation System Volume III

The ASNS Vol III will include: 


•⁠  ⁠a symbol set for fine grade lingual distinctions and conjunctions, such as: because, never, don't, any, if, therefore, etc. 


•⁠  ⁠ways in which the ASNS can support the creative process through general indications and alternative scores for improvisation


•⁠  ⁠enhanced symbols sets of what has been introduced in Volume I and II regarding rhythm and timing, degrees of intenisty, interactions with objects and the environment, the center of gravity, physics of a pendulum, identifying movement potential versus movement documentation etc.


•⁠  ⁠and a long awaited symbol set for EMOTIONS


The ASNS is a powerful instrument for creation, documentation and diagnosis. As such it offers additional learning and teaching tactics.

Pre-Order: The Axis Syllabus Notation System - Volume III

€ 25,00Price
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