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A scientifically founded overview on how to train, prepare, diagnose and rehabilitate from injury.

The Axis Syllabus© is your guide to a working knowledge of the human body.

Also available in. French, German, Italian, Spanish and Lithuanian

Author: Frey Faust
Graphic Design: Teresa Southwell


54 pages - PDF format ONLY

Price: 25 euros

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Addendum to the Axis Syllabus.

-Injury prevention - rehabilitation

-Effective, fundamental coordination for daily life and athletic activity.

An easy to understand guide to optimizing the way you move through the world.  

Many chronic pain or skill acquisition limits can be traced to your walking habits; because you have set unconscious timing, trajectory, stance, biomechanical and muscular engagement patterns. 

Walking is the fundamental movement pattern. It informs all other actions. Although culture and education strongly influence the way we walk, the body has clear design parameters that suggest healthy movements.

This article represents the practical application of the information collected in the Axis Syllabus!


available in German,  Italian and Lithuanian

14 pages - PDF format ONLY


Author: Frey Faust

Price: 14 euros

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Volumes 1 and 2 

The ASNS is the operating system of The Axis Syllabus©.

A complimentary, methodological tool for learning, training, teaching, composing and documenting movement. A coherent, potent, descriptive symbol system that enhances differentiated self perception, timing and three dimensional spatial awareness. Clear, specific terms that outline the problems we must solve as we move and the physical resources we have to solve them. 


A language or notation system to express, invent, evaluate and discuss.

available in German , Italian  ... and NOW in French

PDF format ONLY


Authors: Frey Faust / Manuela Martella

Price: 25 euros per volume

101 USELESS EXERCISES...and what to do instead
Healthy Alignment is Definitely Not Straight!

Replace ineffective and damaging exercises with those that respect your body's design, strengthen, and support you much better....and are MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE!


Teaching traditions have settled on "breaking things down" to boring, unpleasant, overly simplified positions and routines that very often have lost all relevance for either the sophistication of everyday movements or advanced athletic activity such as dancing.


When people dutifully learn these joyless routines, not only is their performance hampered by trained adherence to dogmatic concepts and the lack of focus on how we get from position to the position, most importantly the sense of play is trained out of them.


Many of these exercises set people up for serious injury, by encouraging them to move in a simplistic, flattened, robotic manner that does not respect the complex, inherent asymmetry of the body's design. 

This book will give you a starting point overview of which exercises you may have learned that are to be discarded immediately and which ones to reject utterly as a useless waste of your time, energy and money!

101 pages - PDF format ONLY

Author: Frey Faust

with Deborah Voisin

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Finally, an anatomy book that not only describes what is physically there, but how it might or should move. Drawing from ergonomics and a wide range of scientific information, this book discusses anatomical shape, disposition as well as internal and external relationship parameters as they apply to everyday and athletic movement.

We observe that repeating patterns or fractal variations of paradigmatic shapes and relationships are few and common to nearly every human. 

For example the scapula (shoulder blade) is always a curved and twisted right triangle, who's articular aperture always faces out to the side and a bit to the front. Indeed the twisted and curved triangle is paradigmatic and can be found in many other structures i.e. vertebrae, pelvis, ear, feet and skull and many muscle shapes. This book not only points out but also discusses the implications of these paradigm fractals. 

Authors: Frey Faust / Manuela Martella

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