I am teaching this workshop and writing this book because it saddens me to see how many well-meaning people damage themselves following misinformed, ignorant, and harmful ways of training the body that are being sold as health supportive.


In this interactive workshop, you will learn to read misalignment by evaluating photo and video material, full and focus group work.


Please bring photo and video material of exercises, positions, or stretches that you think are aligned, misaligned, or have questions about. 

Open to all movers of all levels– from acrobats to couch potatoes!


Live Zoom workshop with Axis Syllabus Author, Frey Faust.

Saturday, May 28th

17:00-19:00 Central European Time, 8:00-10:00 Pacific

30 Euros

PART 3: 101 Useless and Damaging Exercises Workshop May 28

30,00 €Price