101 part TWO was recorded on  Saturday, Feburary 12th, 2022


This is an undedited video of a 2 hour long Zoom workshop taught by Frey Faust.


"I am teaching this workshop series and writing this book because it saddens me to see how many well-meaning people damage themselves following misinformed, ignorant, and harmful ways of training the body that are being sold as health supportive.


This workshop  is to help you cut through the noise, feel better, and have more fun!"



  • Why asymetrical positions and movement are better preparations for movement than static and symetrical positions

  • Why an emphasis on linear, symetrical, and saggital-plane focused movement is damaging and ineffective prepartion for movement

  • Historic reasons why so many movement practices in the modern world have become damaging and flatten our curvy design (yoga history, history of corpse view driving anatomical texts)

  • Modified sun salutations

  • Modified pigeon pose

  • Modified candlestick pose

  • Modifying lifting objects (rocks, babies!)

  • Bike riding guidelines


Appropriate for movers of all levels– from acrobats to couch potatoes!


PART 2: 101 Useless & Damaging Exercises and What To Do Instead (Unedited Video)

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