Millions of people do certain exercises and stretches in the full belief that what they are doing is healthy or will grant them certain abilities, when actually the exercises do the precise opposite.


I am teaching this workshop series and writing this book because it saddens me to see how many well-meaning people damage themselves following misinformed, ignorant, and harmful ways of training the body that are being sold as health supportive.


These workshops  are to help you cut through the noise, feel better, and have more fun!


In this series, you  will learn:

  • Why many  existing exercise protocols don’t work very well

  • Key principles about our body’s design that offer more sustainable and enjoyable movement

  • How to modify many popular stretches and exercises…and most importantly WHY!


RECORDING 1 was recorded in an online Zoom workshop January 16, 2022 (2+hrs):

Replacing hip-wrecking and lower-back wrecking stretches and "core strengtheners" with a short sequence of movements.


RECORDING 2 was recorded in an online Zoom workshop on Feburary 12, 2022 (2 hrs):

Modifying backbends, sun salutations, plow/candle poses, and lifting heavy objects.


Appropriate for movers of all levels– from acrobats to couch potatoes!


101 Useless and Damaging Exercises and What To Do Instead PACKAGE

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